Ammonia analysis 5 April 2012

The market has been very quiet this week with limited new business. However, prices have remained firm and those player new sales that have been concluded have been at Avatar higher prices. There has been some new business wholesale nba jerseys for May out of the Black Sea at around $460 fob.

The US wholesale jerseys season is well underway and demand seems strong, buoyed cheap jerseys up by the latest estimates from  the USDA on corn plantings. Corn growers are intending to plant 95.9 million acres of corn in 2012, which would represent a record planted acreage in the US since 1937 when an estimated healed 97.2 million acres were planted. Record corn acreage is expected in Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota whilst acreage is expected to decline in the central and southern Great Plains. Last Friday’s USDA Grain Stocks report has been positive for wholesale jerseys corn futures, with tight inventories offsetting the record planting estimates, taking prices up to $6.56/bushel. With high corn prices and high expected acreage, fertilizer cheap nba jerseys demand should be good. However, the more bearish ammonia market earlier in the year appears to have limited the volume strada of ammonia moving to the 新版网站即将开启 US for the Spring and product is in tight supply in the Mid West. It remains to be seen when re-fill will iPhone? take place On as it cheap mlb jerseys is getting late to book new cargoes to the US for the Spring season, prior which looks set to finish earlier than usual. There may well be demand for side-dress later, however.


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